Well it’s that time of year again, when lovers profess their love on the worlds annual sweetheart’s day February 14th.  Giving all manner of gifts, and paying top dollars to wine and dine, people choose to celebrate this day in a number of ways.  I’ve been reflecting on my own past experiences and I’ve had some Valentine days that were pretty good, a few bad, and one that was just downright ugly.  I’m sure you can probably guess what the good consisted of; great food, a luxurious gift, and of course romance.  The bad was just the opposite of the good, bad food, a really cheap gift, and the romance, well let’s be adult for a moment, it lasted maybe three minutes.  That bad valentine was heaven compared to the ugliest valentine I’ve had to date.  This you are not going to believe, but I promise you every word is true.


It all started on a blind date.  I know I know, a blind date on Valentine’s day seems out of the ordinary.  A good girlfriend of mine set us up.  I had no worries that he would be a serial killer since someone I knew well, knew him fairly well.   We chatted on the phone a few times, and it was his suggestion that we meet up on Valentine’s day.  I was a bit surprised but inspired that he didn’t seem to have an issue with showing his romantic side.   He also said he would pick up the tab, since he was a CPA I’m sure he could more than afford it. Still this was a generous gesture, the restaurant he picked wasn’t cheap.  

And there he was wearing the outfit he described he would be wearing when we talked that morning.  I was mentally checking off all the positives as he approached me;

He was tall, looked to be at least 6 ft – check

He was nice looking, not Morris Chestnut handsome, but still easy on the eyes -check

He had a fit build, looked like he had some nice biceps, under that sweater – check

His look was pulled together, nice dark slacks, polished boots, and dark gray cashmere sweater– check

He was very considerate, he showed up on time – check

The plusses were really adding up for the brother.

And then he stood right directly in front of me and said my name.  I answered, yes, as I took in his cologne.  This brother really smelled good.  Then he flashed me his smile and I kid you not my knees almost buckled. It looked like the dude had about four teeth in his whole mouth.  

I readily admit that I have an affinity for nice teeth.  But I didn’t know until that moment that I had a prejudice against a busted grill.  It was actually kind of unbelievable.  How could someone so well put together neglect their mouth like that??  Even more incredible is that he ordered grilled pork chop.  For the life of me I could not figure out how he chewed it.  Needless to say, the date was a wrap for me, I was just biding my time being polite holding up my end of the conversation waiting to get back to my car so I could delete his number from my phone. Poor dental hygiene is a deal breaker for me.  Fault me if you like, but I just can’t get past it.  How are you supposed to kiss a mouth like that?

So there you have it my good, bad, and ugly Valentine days.  I would love to hear from you, hit me back with your good, bad, or ugly Valentine dates. 

In closing, what this girl knows, Valentine’s Day can be good, bad, and even ugly. What matters most is to try and spend it with someone you enjoy, and if there’s no special person in your life right now, don’t fret there’s always next year.

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