With Valentine’s Day coming up, you may be thinking about a gift for your spouse or partner. Flowers, chocolates, jewelry, dinner out, or a romantic getaway. How nice. But what if you’re single or you don’t have anyone special? I wasn’t going to admit it but I’ve been a teeny bit missing out on all the anticipation of the upcoming nationally recognized ‘Lover’s Day’, because at the moment I’m single. So what if you’re solo come this Valentine’s Day? Are we to hide ourselves in shame because we have no one to profess their love for us, thus making us worthy? I say no way! You deserve flowers, candy, dinner out, and jewelry!! Just because you don’t have a partner at the moment doesn’t mean you’re not a loving, wonderful, and sexy individual. You should be the love of your life! Treat yourself to something special, because you are special, one of a kind. You don’t need another person to validate that for you. I am going to honor myself, and show myself some love. This February 14th I’m going to take myself to the movies, by myself. Oh yeah, that way I get to see exactly the movie I want to see, sit in the aisle where I want to sit, and get my popcorn just how I like it, and I don’t have to share it!!! What this girl knows is – it isn’t up to others to love you, it’s a blessing when you find someone who does, but when you love yourself it’s more than a blessing it’s the Love of Your Life. Partners may come and go but you will always have you.

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